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    Off Center Video
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    Off Center Video is a committee of the Berkeley Gray Panthers non-profit organization.

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Postage within the US is First Class Mail: $5.00.
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How Video Can get your Message Across!

Use videos for meetings, fund raisers

  • At your regular membership meeting
    (the video should be 30 minutes or less)
  • For programs intended to recruit members with like interests
  • For fund raising events (The video should be something special)

Use videos in an educational campaign:

  • At house parties
  • At speaking engagements, such as service clubs, seminars
  • In your local schools
  • During a campaign, offer it on satellite for local station pickup
  • Advertise the video and make it available to your target audience for viewing.
  • Purchase time on commercial television
  • Offer it to your local public access television station or PBS station.*

When using a video, be sure to

  • Preview the DVD ahead of time to make sure that it
    √ is of good technical quality,
    √ the sound and visuals are clearly heard and seen.
    √ covers the topics you want to cover,
    √ is an effective medium: covers the topics well from your point of view,
    √ is the best use of your audience’s time
  • Prepare! Arrive 1/2 hour early to your meeting to make sure that the video equipment is working properly, that the DVD player is set up and that you have the DVD at the place where you want it to start. You may need to adjust the TV’s color, vertical hold and contrast. At the time you want to show the video, all you should need to do is push play.

Do not use video if it is not appropriate, such as the video is not of good quality, does not address topics of concern to the target audience, or the local technology is not adequate (check for fuzzy picture or funny color).

Note: If you offer a video to your local PBS or public access station, contact the video maker to see if a better quality electronic format, such as DVD, Beta or 3/4“SP is available. Public Access stations may play your DVD copy, but PBS may not. Check who holds the copyright as the video maker needs to give you and the station permission.

Margot Smith
Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers
1300 A Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

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