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Make Headlines with Street Theater!

How To Get Press for Your Cause...

In this lively workshop, Mary Bull of Save the Redwoods / Boycottthe Gap shows how she gets ongoing media coverage for herissues--how she contacts the press and prepares for her actions.

A San Francisco activist for ecology, justice and and peace, MaryBull garners headlines in the New York Times, the WashingtonPost, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times, aswell as national and international television coverage from ABC, CBS,NBC and BBC.

Images from her street theater actionsinclude the Chain Saw Salute, the Dancing Cubes, We'd rather wearnothing than wear GAP, Mourning Mothers Against the War in Iraq,Dorothy from Oz to save our forests, and GWB in bed with the Supremes.The workshop was for Health Care for All-California, a statewideorganization working for universal health care.

  • We learned how to get newspaper and televisioncoverage--what could be more important than to get the messageout?
    Dan Hodges, Chair, Health Care for All-California
  • We got some good ideas for street actions thatcan get press.
    Sue Bergman, Vote Health
  • I can hardly wait to show it to my group--wereally need to know this.
    Julie Bidou, Raging Grannies

For information about the Universal Health Care Campaign,contact
Health Care forAll-California

To contact Mary Bull, workshop leader, go to
Save the Redwoods / Boycott the Gap


Videomaker: Margot Smith

VHS or DVD, 25 Minutes

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