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produces and distributes advocacy and political videos at low cost.  Our award- winning documentaries aim to increase activism and social awareness on the important progressive concerns of today.
Video Catalog
New Deal WPA Art
  • Now on one DVD! New Deal WPA Art!
    • Bernard Zakheim's Living Art. Bernard Zakheim was born in Poland in 1896 and came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1918. He was well known for his many murals--including frescos financed in part by the Works Progress Administration under Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1930s New Deal. They include
      - The Library at Coit Tower, San Francisco
      - The Jewish Wedding, San Francisco Jewish Community Center,
      - The History of Medicine in California, University of California, San Francisco
      - Memorial to the Holocaust in Los Angeles
      Nathan and Masha Zakheim, Bernard's son and daughter, tell of their father’s early work in Poland, the story of the Coit Tower murals, his Holocaust paintings and his later work celebrating Jewish history and life. Bernard Zakheim was a prolific artist whose work has been shown in many galleries and museums. Zakheim's family in Poland was victim to the Holocaust, and he was profoundly affected by his loss. His Memorial to the Holocaust is located at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles. 45 Minutes. View the video here
    • WPA Murals in San Francisco. An overview of the WPA murals in Rincon Annex, Coit Tower and Beach Chalet. These murals are frescoes by prominent artists created in the 1930's under the New Deal Works Progress Administration. Shown are Anton Refugier's work in Rincon Annex on the History of San Francisco, the many artists who worked at Coit Tower, and Lucien Labaudt's work at Beach Chalet--all with music from the era. 15 Minutes. View the video here
    • New Deal Public Art: The Works Progress Administration. A Works Progress Administration (WPA) movie made during the New Deal in the 1930s showing the extent of federal programs funding the arts throughout the nation. 8 Minutes. View the video here
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Co-ops and Collectives
  • Democracy in the Workplace. Worker-owners of three San Francisco Bay Area Businesses--The Cheeseboard, Rainbow Grocery and Inkworks--show how they as collectives operate as true workplace democracies. Award winning documentary shown on PBS. 28 Minutes. View the video here
  • The Mondragon Experiment. A 1980 BBC visit to Mondragon, Spain. Describes the cooperatives founded by Father Arizmende, how they are governed and organized. 50 Minutes.
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  • Listen to Iran's People: A Call for Peace
    Peace delegates from the Fellowship of Reconciliation visited Iran in March, 2007. The 23 Americans were welcomed by Iran's vice president, and were told by students, professors and imams, and people on the street that they all want peace. The delegates heard about religious diversity, the Holocaust Conference, and the desire for nuclear power. Iranians sent a message to the United States: They are for peace. The delegation visited Persepolis and shrines to imams and poets--Iran is considered the cradle of civilization. 28 Minutes. View the video here
Screenshot A Tour of the Mar'ashi Library
  • A Tour of the Mar’ashi Library
    Qom, Iran In Farsi and English
    Fellowship of Reconciliation delegates from the U.S. were guided on a tour of the Mar’ashi Library in Iran’s religious center, Qom, by Dr. Awsati, curator. He shows many of the rare handwritten books and manuscripts that the library is famous for, and its book restoration facility. Delegates conversed with the son of the library’s founder, Dr. Mahmood Mar’ashi. Filmed in Iran in March, 2007. The life and sacrifices of the library founder is described as well as his dedication to the collection. Handwritten and rare manuscripts that range in age from 1300 years old to the present day are shown. 45 Minutes. View the video here
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Voices from the Left
  • Bolshevik Cafe -Songs of the Left. Twice a year, old lefties and young activists come together for community and fun. They celebrate their causes, their victories and challenges at the Bolshevik Cafe, held at Finn Hall in Berkeley, CA with old and new songs of the left that help empower them to continue in the struggle. Singers of the Bolshevik Cafe are Jon Fromer, Pat Wynne, Mary Davis, Andrea joyce Turner, Alex Bagwell, George Faulk, and the Labor Chorus. The event ends with the singing of the Internationale. May, 1999. 28 Minutes. View the video here
  • Make Headlines! with Street Theater. A workshop for Activists. A lively workshop with Mary Bull of Save the Redwoods / Boycott the Gap. She shows how she gets ongoing major press, TV and other media coverage for her causes. With clips of her actions and press. 30 Minutes.
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Venezuela and the World Social Forum
  • U. S. Intervention in Venezuela. with Eva Golinger, She exposes U.S. intervention in the internal politics of Venezuela through the use of the U. S. Freedom of Information Act. She describes U.S. support of the 1994 Coup, the U. S. funding of the opposition to President Hugo Chavez, and U.S propaganda to undermine Chavez. February 3, 2006, Caracas, Venezuela. 30 Minutes. View the video here
  • The Social Policies of Hugo Chavez,
    Venezuela's President.
    with Gregory Wilpert of Venezuealanalysis.com. Sociologist Wilpert describes the grassroots organizing and social policies that empower the poor of Venezuela, and how the oil industry moneys are used to provide health, education and housing services under the Chavez regime. January 23, 2006, Caracas, Venezuela. 30 Minutes. View the video here
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Universal Single Payer Health Care
  • Canada's Single Payer Health System:
    A Model for Reform.
    Introduced by the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Canadian physicians, economists and consumers tell Americans about their National Health Program and their universal coverage, problems and satisfaction with the system. For the general public and grass roots organizations. (1994) 16 Minutes. View the video here
  • Medical Practice in Canada:
    The Single Payer System in Action.
    Introduced by Kevin Grumbach, M.D., of Physicians for a National Health Program. Canadian physicians tell about how Single Payer medicine works in Canada. Topics include choice of MD, governance, income, cost of care, malpractice insurance, and problems. Filmed in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. Designed for professional audiences. Shown at the American Public Heath Association Film Festival, Washington, D.C.(1994) 16 Minutes.
  • Towards a National Heath Program:
    75 Years of Progress.
    Rashi Fein, Ph.D., Harvard School of Medicine lectures on past support for a National Health Program and legislative attempts in the US since 1913. Covers much of his material published in Scientific American. For students and speaker training. (1989) 30 Minutes.
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Feminist Videos
  • They Are So Sweet, Sir. A moving tragicomedy on the international trafficking of women performed by Filipino women who experienced it. Video taped live at the performance at the Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995. In English, Tagalog and Taglish. Made in cooperation with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. 30 Minutes.
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International Affairs
  • Touring Egypt. February, 2003 A fun tourist trip to the pyramids, Aswan, Luxor, floating down the Nile,a visit to Cairo's National Museum and El Kabib market. Music audio. 30 Minutes.
  • Report from Afghanistan. with Samantha Reynolds of the U.N. Habitat project in Afghanistan. Filmed in Beijing in 1995. A wonderful interview. Samantha Reynolds is very intense and speaks rapidly, but you really have a sense of the situation in Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover. She talks about how she organizes Muslim women under very difficult circumstances. 45 Minutes.
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