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Our award- winning documentaries aim to increase activism and
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New Deal WPA Art
with WPA Videos from the 1930's

Bernard Zakheim's Living Art – 28 Minutes

Zakheim's 1930s Coit Tower murals were funded by the New Deal Works Progress Administration. His work includes The Library, The History of Medicine in California at UCSF, The Holocaust in Los Angeles and many others. Nathan and Masha Zakheim tell of their father's early work in Poland, his life and career. Zakheim was important to the work in Coit Tower and has many works in the Bay Area.
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WPA Murals in San Francisco –15 Minutes

A tour of Works Progress Administration murals in San Francisco at Rincon Annex, Coit Tower, and the Beach Chalet. As frescos completed in the 1930s, they are vivid images of life at a time when art and artists were supported by Federal monies during our severe economic depression.
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Work Pays America – 8 Minutes

Clips from WPA movies filmed in the 1930s describing art projects federally funded across the United States during the Great Depression. Murals, stained glass, sculpture, and more.
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These three WPA videos shown at Lesher Gallery, Canessa Gallery, the San Francisco Jazz Heritage Center and other art galleries featuring New Deal and Works Progress Administration art are available on request.

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Cooperatives & Collectives

Democracy in the Workplace – 28 Minutes

Worker-owners of three San Francisco Bay Area businesses—The Cheeseboard, Rainbow Grocery, and Inkworks—show how they, as collectives, operate as true workplace democracies. Award-winning documentary shown on PBS.
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The Mondragon Experiment – 50 Minutes

Filmed in 1980 by BBC, a visit to Mondragon, Spain describes the cooperatives founded by Father Arismende and how they are governed and organized.
Available only in DVD

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The UN Conference on Women, 1995

To Empower Women:
the UN Conference on Women, Beijing, 1995 – 28 Minutes

Women attending the U.N. conference in Beijing, China, tell of their efforts to improve conditions for women. They speak of their lives in Zimbabwe, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Iran, the Philippines, Israel, the Solomon Islands, and the United States. It is a call to action for women’s rights as human rights. The video is based on the U. N, Platform for Action, signed by 189 nations. Five planks from the platform—poverty, education, economics, human rights and armed conflict—frame the documentary. Filmed at the Non-Governmental Forum in Huairou, China, 1995.
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They Are So Sweet, Sir – 30 Minutes

Based on the novel about the international trafficking of women, this play was performed by Filipino women who experienced it. Produced by the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the video was taped live at the UN Conference on Women, Beijing, 1995. In English, Tagalog and Taglish.
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A Visit to Iran—2007

Listen to Iran’s People:
A Call for Peace – 28 Minutes

Delegates from the Fellowship of Reconciliation visit Iran in 2007. They were welcomed by Iran’s Vice President, visited Persepolis, Shiraz, Qom, Tehran and talked to Imams, students, professors, and citizens.
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Other Productions

Canada's Single Payer Health System: A Model for Reform – 16 Minutes

Canadian physicians, economists and patients tell Americans about their National Health Program, their universal coverage, problems and satisfaction with the system. Introduced by the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Shown on PBS. Filmed in Canada in 1994.
Watch video here

Damu Smith on The Conspiracy Against Black Youth – 30 Minutes

Damu Smith of Black Voices for Peace speaks to youth. The late Smith objected to the way that the media exploits the young and promotes sexuality and violence instead of peace and character. He told of life experiences that made him a leader. August 15, 2003. Common Bond Peace Camp, Oakland, CA.
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Bolshevik Cafe—Songs of the Left – 28 Minutes

A time when old lefties and young activist come together for community and fun. They celebrate their causes, their victories and challenges at the Bolshevik Cafe. Old and new songs are sung by Jon Former, Mary Davis, Alex Bagwell, George Falk, Pat Wynn, Andrea Joyce Turner, and the Labor Chorus. Filmed at Finn Hall, Berkeley in 1999.
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Dimensions of Light—Frida Koblick’s Art – 28 Minutes

Frida Koblick, sculptor, shows us around her studio and tells of her art work over the years. Known for her sculpture at the San Francisco Airport, she has shown in many galleries and was unique in recognizing the value of synthetic materials in art. Filmed in 1991.
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